Landowner fined for dumping building waste

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A man who allowed large quantities of building waste to be dumped in a pit near Needham Market has been fined.

Paul Fenton, 51, was appearing in court for the fourth time after flouting a ban on the illegal disposal of waste at the site in Spring Lane, Flowton.

Yesterday at Ipswich Crown Court Fenton, who was jointly responsible for the site with his ex-wife, was fined a total of £5,000 by Judge Rupert Overbury and ordered to pay £3,712 towards the costs of the Suffolk County Council prosecution.

Judge Overbury said Fenton would also be subject to an anti social behaviour order for five years.

An enforcement notice ordering the use of the site for waste disposal had been issued as long ago as 2000, the court heard.

Fenton, formerly of Flowton and now living in Bulgaria, pleaded guilty to five offences of being in breach of an enforcement notice and five of breaching a subsequent stop notice.

The latest breaches of the enforcement and stop notice were spotted by a planning officer from the council in February and March.

If the estimated 110 tonnes of rubble, soil and bricks had been disposed of at an authorised facility it would have incurred charges of £9,500, said Angela Bailey, prosecuting.

Previous court appearances had landed Fenton with a total of £37,000 in fines and £6,500 costs as well as a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Crasbo).

Miss Lambert said that Fenton’s ex wife Susan Fenton had been fined £3,000 by magistrates in connection with one of the breaches.

Fenton told the court that he no longer had any business interests in the UK and was living for nine months of the year in Bulgaria where he was involved in a business venture with his brother.

The tip at Flowton was in the process of being cleared in readiness for sale to a neighbour for £30,000, he said.

Around 32 tonnes of rubble had already been removed.