Jail for son who stole from firm

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A MAN who stole thousands of pounds from his father’s company has been jailed for two and a half years.

Andrew Gowing, 42, of School Road, Pentlow, ran Gowing Auto Salvage in Risby when his father emigrated to New Zealand.

According to Judge David Goodin, who jailed him on Thursday, he had treated the company as his ‘own personal empire or fiefdom’.

Judge Goodin told Gowing that he had repeatedly betrayed the trust placed in him by his father.

During the two-week trial Ipswich Crown Court heard that Gowing had used company money to pay for personal items.

Gowing was found guilty of nine offences of theft, including cash and vehicles.

He told the court that he had acted in what he believed was the best interests of the business and had initially managed to increase profits.

His father, John Gowing, had given evidence via a TV link to Auckland and said bad management by his son had resulted in profits plummeting.

Andrew Gowing claimed that his father had at first appeared happy with the way he was running the business but when profits fell in 2009 due to a downturn in the economy his father refused to accept the situation.

He said personal items put through the company books were ‘true accounting errors’.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing will be held to recoup some of what was stolen.