Heroin deal in town centre

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A man caught by undercover police officers in Bury St Edmunds was ‘far down’ the supply chain Ipswich Crown Court has heard.

Bryn Williams, 40, of Springfield Road, Bury St Edmunds, was caught as he took part in a deal over obtaining heroin, the court heard on Friday.

Williams had become involved in a discussion with three others outside Poundland about purchasing heroin. He said he could get a better deal and borrowed a mobile phone to make a call from a nearby doorway. When he returned he said three wraps could be bought for £25 and took the money. It was clear, said Robert Sadd, prosecuting that Williams was far down th supply chain.

In mitigation Jacob Edwards said Williams had been hoping for a small quantity of drugs for his own use. He was currently being helped to recover from addiction.

Judge John Holt imposed a six month prison sentence suspended for 12 months with probabtion supervision and a requirement to attend an alcoholo drug treatment programme. He told Williams: “Your involvement was absolutely at the bottom end of the chain and I don’t regard you as a street dealer.”