Health bosses ordered to pay

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A WOMAN in her twenties who suffered after foot abnormalities were not treated effectively has won a six-figure sum from the East of England Strategic Health Authority.

Sarah Fallon, 26, from Bury St Edmunds, was born with outward turning feet and her lawyers have blamed doctors at West Suffolk Hospital for treating her condition too conservatively.

On Tuesday, the health authority agreed to settle her case on the basis of 90 per cent liability after being sued for alleged criminal negligence,

Her lawyers claim that her feet were not x-rayed when they should have been and decisions that ‘no active intervention’ was required were taken despite the fact that surgery as a baby or in childrhood would have reduced her suffering and long-term disability.

By the age of 13, Miss Fallon’s condition was described by her her GP as ‘grossly abnormal’ and a consultant surgeon agreed they were in a ‘dreadful state’.

In 2001 she received an operation known as a ‘total talectomy’ but by then it was considered that further surgery would bring no positve results.

Her barrister Abhijeet Mukherjee said the authority had agreed to pay her a £50,000 interimj payment until the final compensation was agreed. Her past suffering and ongoing disability were such that the award would go into six figures.

Miss Fallon’s father Vincent had brought the case.

An NHS spokesman said they were pleased the issue had been resolved, but added: “Further investigations into the claim continue before settlement can be achieved and therefore it is not appropriate to comment further