Fraud charge man declines to give evidence

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A Redgrave businessman has declined to give evidence to a jury considering claims that he was involved in a £5.7 million international fraud.

Colin Samuels, 61, of The Street, is one of five people on trial at Ipswich Crown Court, which was told this week that he will not give evidence in his own defence.

Samuels faces two charges of conspiracy to defraud and one of money laundering involving £302,375 to which he has pleaded not guilty.

It is alleged that a string of emails link Samuels with the offences which involve people who paid fees to work as escorts but never received any work or refunds.

The charges also relate to an alleged debt elimination scheme which, prosecutor Nic Lobbenberg told the jury, involved people with heavy credit card debts paying a fee but ending up still owing as much money as before.

The court has heard claims that Samuels used his position as a director of a company called EBA Ltd to launder some of the proceeds of the frauds between November 2009 and November 2010 using the company’s bank account.

Samuels has been described by the prosecution as the UK ‘front man’ for the frauds run from call centres in Turkey and Spain.

The trial continues.