Fine for fly tipping furniture

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MARTIN Walsh was contracted by a charity to take unwanted furniture to a tip but dumped it on a common instead.

Walsh, 24, of Milton Place, Thetford, was fined £400 by Norwich magistrates last Thursday after pleading guilty to depositing controlled waste. He was also ordered to pay £500 compensation and £15 victim surcharge.

He had been employed by the British Heart Foundation to collect unwanted furniture from Cambridge and take it to the city’s tip. But instead of taking it to a legal waste unit he fly tipped it on Croxton Heath, Wretham.

He was caught after a local resident became suspicious about his van being reversed up a narrow track on the heath, took its number and reported it to Breckland Council.

Enforcement officers found a mattress, fridge, kitchen table, sofa, wooden cabinet, coffee table, four kitchen chairs, a snooker table, four dining chairs, one easy chair, four black bags containing clothing, a vacuum cleaner, black office chair and a television cabinet.

After the hearing, Paul Claussen, Breckland’s executive member for planning and environmental Awareness, said: “Cleaning up after fly-tippers costs the council and local landowners thousands of pounds each year and damages our precious green countryside. The Council will not tolerate that, and we will prosecute offenders.”