Family fury at car vandalism

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A FAMILY from Stowmarket is facing a second hefty bill after vandals damaged their car – for the second time in a year.

Brian and Sue Evans, of Lavenham Way, are considering moving house after a spate of criminal damage to their cars.

Mrs Evans’ brand new Dhaitsu Sirion was left with £2,000 damage after vandals ran up the bonnet and over the roof of the car, last year. Despite her daughter seeing the damage being done and police taking footprint impressions, no-one was charged.

“Now it’s just getting worse and worse,” said Mr Evans, IT manager at Thurston Community College.

On Saturday morning he awoke to find the bonnet of his own car, a Ford Focus, covered in dents – estimated at £1,000 to repair.

He said you could clearly see where someone had run up one car and jumped on to the other. He said that, having spoken to friends, this ‘new craze’ seemed to be occurring elsewhere.

“It’s just really annoying and frustrating. Why are they doing it?

“I don’t begrudge anyone having some fun but don’t damage people’s property,” he said.

The couple have also had radio aerials stolen and wing mirrors tampered with – and are now worried about further damage to their cars and caravan.

Mr Evans, 44, said: “It is getting to the point where we may have to look at moving as it seems that we are being targeted by these idiots.”

A spokeswoman from Suffolk Police said that they were not aware of any ‘spate of vehicle damage’ or an increase in such crimes in the area. She said that reported crimes involving vehicle damage had actually fallen locally.

She said: “Whenever vehicle damage is reported, officers will carry out a number of inquiries including house to house visits where appropriate, to seek witnesses and information and to provide reassurance. This particular incident and concerns of the victim have been highlighted to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

“Stowmarket is a very safe town in which to live, and the safer neighbourhood team (SNT) works with partners and the community to ensure everyone can continue to enjoy the area and feel safe.”

Contact Stowmarket SNT on 01473 613500 or go to www.safer