Elderly woman caught out by counterfeit note scam in Stowmarket

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Latest news from the Bury Free Press
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An elderly woman has been caught out by a scam involving counterfeit notes.

The woman was walking towards Asda along Iliffe Way, Stowmarket, on October 24 when a dark coloured car pulled up alongside her.

Police have said the man driving the car asked if she would swap a £20 for two £10 notes, which she did.

However when she checked the £20 note shortly afterwards it was found to be counterfeit.

The man is described as well built with a round face, short dark hair, clean shaven and wearing a dark coat.

There was a female passenger in the front of the car possibly wearing a skirt.

The vehicle is described as possibly dark grey or dark blue and looked around 15 years old.

If you have any information please contact Suffolk Police on 101.