Education centre closes while police investigate allegations teacher threatened pupil with gun

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The education centre where a teacher allegedly threatened a pupil with a gun, has been closed pending an investigation.

Police were called after allegations a teacher held a gun to a pupil’s head at the centre on March 4, and threatened to kill him.

Students confirmed their teacher had shown them an antique gun.

The teacher was then visited by officers who searched his home for unlawful firearms.

None were found but a de-commissioned antique firearm was voluntarily surrendered to firearms officers.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said: “We have now closed the centre during the investigation into the alleged incident.

“We are making alternative arrangements for the young people to continue their GCSE studies.

“This will include one to one tuition.”

The spokesman said the centre had catered for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.”

The centre has not be identified for legal reasons.

The spokesman also said it had been in the midst of registering the centre with the Department of Education but had been given until September to do this.