Drunk mum attacked friend

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A MUM who beat up her friend, pulling her hair so hard it left a bald patch, has been given an 18-month supervision order.

Catherine O’Leary, 29, of Hurstlea Road, Needham Market, pleaded guilty at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on April 8 to attacking Arraby Sharpe on March 29.

O’Leary, who reacts badly to alcohol, had spent the day drinking and became angry with Mrs Sharpe after she picked up O’Leary’s child from school.

She arrived at Mrs Sharpe’s home and lunged at her, screaming, punching her and pulling her hair leaving Mrs Sharpe with bruising and a bald patch.

Emma Howson, prosecuting, said: “The victim said the defendant was ‘like a wild animal’.

“She has hair loss and a bald patch as a result.”

In mitigation at Friday’s hearing, Paul Booty said: “There is little in the defendant’s life save for her child. Having been in the mind that her child had been taken from her she acted in the way she did.

“She does not get drunk often, she is alcohol adverse. It has a bad effect on her.”

O’Leary was given an 18 month supervision order and has to pay £200 compensation.