Drug user stole to fund habit

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A HEROIN user, who burgled cash and jewellery from a bungalow to get money for drugs could not remember doing it, a court heard.

Imran Kulasi, 37, formerly of Mildenhall and now of no fixed address, was jailed for 14 months at Ipswich Crown Court last Thursday.

Kulasi was convicted for a break-in at a bungalow in Churchill Drive, Mildenhall on the morning of June 1.

He pleaded guilty to burglary and to the theft of a satnav device from a vehicle.

Robert Sadd, prosecuting, told the court that Kulasi had repeatedly tried to break in to the property, attempting to smash windows and enter through a conservatory.

After slipping in through a small upper window, Kulasi was foiled again by a locked door inside the conservatory.

He finally gained access by breaking a bathroom window, stealing cash and jewellery, including the homeowner’s mother’s wedding ring, said Mr Sadd.

Police tracked down Kulasi using DNA identification and arrested him on June 13.

Joanne Eley, in mitigation, said Kulasi had been a heroin user for many years and he burgled the property to get money for drugs.

He became hooked on the drug while serving a prison sentence for offences of violence.

After leaving prison, Kulasi’s drug use had increased and he had turned to crime to finance his addiction, said Miss Eley.

She also told the court that Kulasi had no memory of committing the offences – despite being caught by the police with the stolen satnav in his possession.

Miss Eley said: “He is a man who knows he has to address his drug misuse. He has done it before and says he can do it again.”

Judge John Devaux sentenced Kulasi to 14 months’ imprisonment for the burglary and six months imprisonment for the satnav theft to run concurrently.