drug row killer given 20 years

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A TEENAGER who stabbed his friend to death will serve a minimum of 20 years in prison.

Ryan Bowers, 19, of Ely Way, in Thetford, murdered Anthony Adams, also 19, on June 5 last year.

Judge Peter Jacobs gave Bowers a life sentence at Norwich Crown Court on Wednesday.

As he sentenced Bowers, he said: “It is clear to me that you intended to attack Anthony Adams.”

Bowers must now spend at least 20 years behind bars before he is considered for parole.

A jury found Bowers guilty of murder last Friday after hearing how he stabbed Mr Adams in the chest and abdomen during an argument.

The fight took place outside Bowers’ house after Mr Adams confronted him armed with a rounders bat.

Bowers claimed that Mr Adams had told him he was ‘dead’ for stealing £400 of cannabis from his house in Norwich Road.

Bowers then left the house with two concealed knives

Judge Jacobs said: “You and Anthony Adams were part of a group of young men not in employment, living aimless lives involving smoking the odd spliff of cannabis.

“You burgled his premises for cannabis and boasted about it.

“He heard, texted you begging you to return it because of the consequences.”

When Bowers was arrested, he told police: “It was all over a £400 burglary.”

Speaking in court, Bowers claimed that he had not intended to stab his friend.

He said: “He didn’t deserve to die – I feel very bad.”

Bowers’ girlfriend, Sharna Langston, 20, of Browing Road in Ipswich, was found guilty of assisting an offender.

Langston hid Bowers and the two knives used in the attack.

She will be sentenced at a later date.

Det Insp Andy Guy, from Norfolk and Suffolk major investigation team, called the case ‘incredibly sad’.

“Throughout the trial, Ryan Bowers said he didn’t mean to kill Anthony, just use the knives to scare him.

“I have heard this many times over the years and the really clear message I want to send out is – do not carry knives.

“Those that do could risk finding themselves in the same position as Ryan Bowers.”