Drop in drivers caught speeding

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THE number of drivers caught by a police speeding campaign this year is less than half the 2011 figure.

Just 707 drivers were caught speeding in Suffolk during a week-long European anti-speeding campaign between April 16 and 22, compared to 1,368 in a similar campaign in August and 1,554 in April 2011. Of the 707, there were 235 in West Suffolk.

Police believe heavy rain making drivers slow down may account for the difference, rather than drivers getting the message.

But Sgt Paul Ward, of the Casualty Reduction Team, said: “The results from this year’s speed enforcement campaign are encouraging. We repeatedly send out messages throughout the year that speeding is one of the four main factors that cause collisions and lead to deaths on our roads. We won’t rest on our laurels and will continue to enforce speeding.

“Campaigns such as this see a heightened concentration on those speeding but it remains a priority throughout the year. Thirty people were killed on Suffolk’s roads last year and 20 in the previous year and the role speed plays in both fatal and serious road traffic collisions cannot be underestimated.

“It is a very simple message but a very important one – speed kills. By targeting those who are speeding we hope we can save lives.”

The campaign is led by Tispol, the European Traffic Police Network, and saw roads policing officers and Suffolk Police’s SafeCam vans deployed countywide to increase checks and clampdown on speeders.