Dawn walker’s convicted murderer claims case is ‘fantasy’ but documentary airs evidence against him

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The ex-boyfriend jailed for murdering Dawn Walker said the case against him was ‘ fantasy’ but a documentary has aired evidence against him.

Kevin Nunn in a video shot for The Guardian website speaks on the phone to his sister Brigitte Butcher.

“I want the real facts, the truth to come out.

“I did not murder Dawn. I had no involvement. I am innocent.

“That was a fantasy case that was put in that court room,” he said.

Brigitte is currently locked in a legal battle to get forensic evidence including sperm heads found on Dawn – her brother had had a vasectomy.

At the same time, a TV documentary which aired on Sunday portrayed a picture of a controlling, deceitful man.

A Town and Country Murder, which aired on the Crime and Investigation Network, outlined how Nunn had admitted to police how he got a key to Dawn’s house cut without her knowledge and had followed her.

Her hair had been cut and a freshly cut piece of Dawn’s hair was found in Nunn’s bathroom bin.

“It is not often you see a murder investigation where there has been so much damage done to the victim,” Mr Lambert said.

Sheena, Dawn’s sister, said: “The programme speaks for itself.”

But Brigitte who has not seen the programme, said the hair was found at the bottom of a laundry bin, was not fresh and that Nunn had volunteered to police that he had a spare key.

She has been working with a private detective and said: “I have a good idea who the killer is. I have a lot of evidence, not circumstanial. There are areas the police didn’t investigate.”

She said new techniques could be used to extract ‘mixed profile’ fingerprints off a bundle of matches, bottle of cleaner and other items involved in the case.

“We are not disillusiuonal or in denial. It could backfire. But if the police are so confident they have the right man why not put us all out of our misery for once and for all and show everybody the Nunn’s have wasted £50,000 trying to prove his innocence?”

Dawn Walker, 37, from Fornham St Martin was last seen on February 2 2005.

Her body was found two days later at Fornham Park. Her hair had been cut off and her body set alight.

Kevin Nunn from Woolpit was convicted of her murder and sentenced to a minimum 22-years in jail at Ipswich Crown Court in November 2006.

The 52-year-old denies murder.