Couple target two jewellers in hour

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A GLAMOROUS jewel thief and her accomplices who struck at two Stowmarket jewellers may have targeted shops all over East Anglia.

The dark and attractive young woman first entered G Tydeman Jewellers in Bury Street with a man at about 1.55pm last Tuesday, asking to see a bracelet and other items.

The business is a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths which runs a Neighbourhood Watch-style alert system, so staff were ready for distraction crime. When the pair offered cash far short of the price, staff became suspicious and found the man had removed the bracelet from its box and concealed it.

The pair, described as of ‘southern Mediterranean appearance’ quickly left the shop but about an hour later a similar couple entered Vivien Joseph Photographers and Jewellers in Ipswich Street.

Owner Joe Dormer said: “Three young Asian people came in, two men and a female. They asked to see various things and having decided what they wanted they went out to get the cash and never came back. While I was ducking and diving they had taken three coloured stone rings, a gold bracelet and a second-hand Garrards watch. Retail it’s worth about £1,700.

“From talking to friends in the trade it appears they’ve done 10 or 12 shops in East Anglia. You’re always on the lookout, but you can’t treat everyone as a potential villain.

“They’re very clever because they only take one or two pieces. The maximum they’ve taken is about £2,000 worth so it doesn’t get too much police or insurance attention.

Mr Dormer, who hopes publicity will warn others, said couple claimed the tall second man was not with them, though he thinks they were together.

He added: “The other two were average height. The young lady was very glamorous.”

Anyone with information should call the Crime Investigation Bureau on 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers 0800 555111.