Couple’s anger at vandalism policy

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A COUPLE from Moreton Hall are ‘disgusted’ at a council’s approach to dealing with vandalism on the estate.

Royston and Yvonne Turner, of Tassell Road, were among residents who, during a Moreton Hall Residents’ Association meeting last week, expressed annoyance at street lights being smashed, again, in Tassell Road Park.

“This is the second time it has happened now,” said Mr Turner.

Pc Yvette Arondel, who was also at the meeting, said Suffolk County Council, which owns the lights, had arranged for them to be replaced but had not reported the crime to police, meaning it could not be investigated.

“Without a complainant reporting it, no crime has been committed,” she said.

A council spokeswoman said it did not have a policy of reporting vandalism to police.

She said: “Suffolk County Council works with its contactor Carillion to maintain the street light lanterns in Suffolk. If a lantern is reported vandalised via the street lighting system, it is automatically replaced. If there is persistent vandalism then a more robust, anti-vandalism system will be installed.

“On this occasion, Suffolk County Council and Carillion have worked together to replace the lanterns with a more robust lantern.”

Mr Turner said: “I think the council is wrong for the simple reason it is by-passing the police. If it never gets recognised, vandals won’t get prosecuted and it will keep happening.”

He said eventually private homeowners would suffer, adding: “It’s a criminal offence whatever way you look at it and, if they don’t make an example of somebody, it’s just going to carry on.”

“Sheer vandalism like that is uncalled for,” said Mrs Turner.

“It’s disgusting because this is a beautiful area - it’s going to end up costing people a lot of money, but our hands are tied,” she said.