Burglars make off with café’s tips

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A CAFé owner has described his dismay after a break-in left him with a smashed front window – and staff without five months’ worth of tips.

David Hines, owner of Angels Café, in Chiswick Avenue, Mildenhall, went into work at 7am on Saturday morning to find the front shutter – which he had locked the previous evening at 9.30pm – was open.

“I saw the shutter was open and that’s when I first saw the till.

“I was gutted – no words can describe it really. I couldn’t even go in because I was worried I would disturb things for the police,” he said.

David, who has run the café for six years, found the thieves had smashed a padlock on the front shutter and kicked the bottom of the front door in.

Inside, the burglars had forced their way into the till, taking £80 from it. A jar containing tips collected since Christmas was also taken. David said there was at least £70 in the jar, but possibly more.

Calls in relation to this incident should be made to Pc Paul Crouch at Mildenhall Police on 01284 774100 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111