Burglar spent the lot court told

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A MAN involved in stealing thousands of pounds of property from vulnerable elderly people does not have a single penny left, a court has heard.

Thomas Gilheaney, 20, helped to force open windows to get inside pensioners homes and tricked others into allowing in members of his gang.

Jewellery, much of it irreplaceable and of great sentimental value, was taken along with cash.

Gilheaney, of Cobholm Place, Cambridge, was caught by a woman emerging from a bedroom at her bungalow in Park Road, Needham Market in October 2008 – he claimed to be looking for a lost cat and escaped with £120 in cash.

Two months later he targeted a home in Barrow Hill, Barrow. A woman realised that lights in the hallway and her bedroom were on and discovered the room ranscaked and £600 missing together with jewellery worth thousands of pounds.

Two says later at Bradbrook End, Norton, a couple found their bedroom had also been searched although it appeared that nothing was missing.

In June Gilheaney was jailed for four years and four months at Ipswich Crown Court after pleading guilty to seven offences of burglary and one of being in

possession of criminal property.

On Tuesday he was brought back to court to see if any of the £8,282 he was calculated to have gained, could be consfiscated – but the court was told financial investigators found he had no assets left.