Bin a Blade campaign in Suffolk reaches the 6,000 mark.

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NEARLY 6,000 knives have been collected by Suffolk Police in their Bin a Blade campaign which has been running since last December.

Three permanent bins for people to drop knives and bladed articles into have been placed at Ipswich, Lowetsoft and Bury St Edmunds police stations since last December with one at Mildenhall since April.

A further two mobile bins have been visiting a number of the county’s smaller police stations and community locations as well in the past 10 months.

The mobile bins have collecetd more than 1,000 blades while the grand total of knives collected overall is now 5,866.

Chief COnstable Simon Ash said: “We wanted to make sure that people across Suffolk had the chance to take part and bin their blades, and I am delighted that so many have been handed in. Whilst the number of crimes and incidents involving knives is a tiny proportion of those Suffolk Constabulary deal with, they are still of concern and can occur anywhere in the county, so these mobile bins have been a great way for people to take part and join with us to make the county even safer.”

The amnesty continues until January 1 2012, and in the New Year the deposited knives will be shredded at Sackers Recycling in Great Blakenham.