Beware fake tickets for 2012 games

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WITH tickets about to go on sale for next year’s Olympic games, Suffolk Police are urging people to be careful not to get conned.

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are just 16 months away. Some 8.8 million official tickets go on sale from March 15.

But police are already aware of a number of websites that have been set up to appear similar to the official Olympics sites, offering to register people for tickets.

Police say the sites could have been used to steal people’s personal details such as their names, and credit card numbers, that could then be sold to other criminals to buy goods on the account.

Chief Insp Kerry Pauling, from Suffolk Police said: “Everyone is very excited about the Olympics, but we must all remain vigilant and not allow fraudsters to profit in these ways.”

A specialist e-crime unit has been set up by the Metropolitian Police to monitor fake ticket and other websites both in the UK and overseas.

And Chf Insp Pauling is urging people to only use the official London Olympics website after an incident with fake tickets in Suffolk last year led to people being turned away from a concert.

“We had a concert in Ipswich in 2010, where unfortunately some people had bought fake tickets and had to be turned away. We would hate for this to happen to people travelling to see such a massive event and that is why we are urging people to go through the official channels if they want to get tickets,” said Chf Insp Pauling.

Those wanting tickets are advised to register for a 40-day ballot on the official site at