Crime commissioner urges Thetford Pc to drop claim

Stephen Bett
Stephen Bett
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The Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner has urged a Pc to withdraw a civil claim against a petrol station after she said she was hurt following up a 999 call.

Stephen Bett issued a statement after the claim by Thetford police officer, Kelly Jones, 33, made against the Nuns’ Bridges Filling Station in Bury Road.

“Following disclosure of the circumstances of the incident which led Pc Kelly Jones to seek compensation, I believe she should withdraw her legal action as soon as possible.

“In my mind, that would be the right thing to do and, judging from what people have been telling me, what the public would want to see,” he said.

When the news broke on Sunday, Mr Bett said Pc Jones had gone ‘a step too far’ in making the claim.