Crews battle fire in agricultural warehouse

Roudham Fire, Roudham Road.
Roudham Fire, Roudham Road.
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Throughout the day there have been up to 19 crews working to bring the fire in the 150m x 75m warehouse under control. Fire crews descirbed the fire as ‘deep set’, at about 2pm they started to remove the sides of the building to allow them to spray water directly onto the blaze.

The owner of the farm on Roudham Road, Paul Rackham, said that the warehouse had contained animal feed, a new combine harvester, and the entirity of the farm’s harvest.

Speaking about the efforts of fire crews he said: “They have been fantastic, here really quickly - within five minutes.

“They have been professional and very good.”

Mr Rackham said that he had discovered the building full of smoke this morning shortly before emergency crews were called at 9.10.

The number of crews at the blaze has now been reduced to four pumps, using an ariel platform and a high volume pump.

The Fire Services expect to have a presence at the scene into the night.