Court: Mother harassed widow for two months

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A MOTHER carried out a campaign of harassment against a widow and taunted her about her dead husband, a court has heard.

Charlotte Mason-Smith, 45, of Petunia Way, Brandon, told Tina Pullen that it was ‘no wonder’ her husband had died during a course of harassment from December 2011 to January this year.

Mason-Smith was found guilty of harassment without violence at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The trial heard she had been verbally abusive, made offensive gestures and taken pictures of her victim’s car.

In one incident, on January 23, Mason-Smith threatened to put a brick through Mrs Pullen’s car window, according to Patricia Doggett, prosecuting.

Appearing as a witness, Mrs Pullen said she was ‘terrified’ by the incident, which took place in London Road.

“She told me I had to watch my back,” she said.

In an incident on January 24, Mason-Smith was seen to make a throwing motion towards Mrs Pullen’s car.

She denied doing so, but PCSO Tara Keogh-Horgan, who was travelling in Mrs Pullen’s car at the time, appeared in court to say she had witnessed the incident.

Anne Gray, defending, said Mason-Smith was retaliating to what she saw as harassment.

She claimed her former friend insulted her children and had been driving past her house unnecessarily.

She was given a restraining order to not contact Mrs Pullen and told to pay £250 costs by lead magistrate, Colin Reeve.