Councillor sees Thetford site earmarked for closure

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Norfolk County Council’s cabinet member for property has had a look at a soon-to-be vacant school site before a public meeting on its future.

Cllr Morphew was shown the Thetford Academy South Campus site - which used to house Charles Burrell High School - by Thetford town councillor, Terry Jermy, today.

The visit took place in anticipation of a July 22 public meeting where residents will have the chance to discuss the future of the site.

Cllr Morphew said: “The importance of the Charles Burrell site to the local community has been made very clear to me by councillor Jermy and I was pleased to be able to come to Thetford to have a look at the area and familiarise myself with it ahead of the public meeting next month.”

Cllr Jermy said it was vital that good use was made of the site.

“Utilising some of the Charles Burrell site for community usage is absolutely key.

“We cannot allow the south of Thetford to be forgotten when all the major growth and improvement in Thetford is occurring to the north.

“Retaining some of the site to be used for community activities, such as swimming, drama productions and cookery classes is absolutely key,” he said.

The public meeting, organised by Thetford Town Council, will take place from 7pm at the Charles Burrell site.

It will be chaired by Dr Neil Stott from the Keystone Development Trust.