Council slow to fix bus sign in Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds bus station display screen is frozen
Bury St Edmunds bus station display screen is frozen
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A man has criticised a council for being slow to fix a problem with its Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) at the Bury St Edmunds bus station.

Richard Grimsdell, 48, of Bury, has only recently started using the town’s buses and said for the most part he has been happy with the service.

But last week he became confused by the town’s RTPI display which was wrong and left him walking around in search of a suitable bus.

More than a week after Suffolk County Council, which runs the service, was made aware of the problem the information screen remained unchanged.

“It’s ridiculous and frustrating,” said Mr Grimsell, who worries about others getting confused, including the elderly, especially after the borough council’s cutbacks last year which left the bus station without any staff to assist bus users.

A county council spokesman said it was aware of the issue and was working with its contractor to agree a time frame for getting it sorted.

Mr Grimsdell said: “It’s crazy. Be efficient to save money but we’ve got to have things in working order.”