Council’s parking fines total £15,000

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ST EDMUNDSBURY Borough Council has received more than £15,000 in car parking fines since April.

A Freedom of Information Act request showed that £15,320 was collected by the council for fines in the last six months, an increase of £570 on the same period last year.

It was also revealed that 2,864 Excess Charge Notices have been issued to drivers in the same period of time. Of these notices, 508 were appealed - 87 of them successful.

The figures follow calls to review the design of parking tickets after complaints over the council’s hardline approach to the appeals process. The current penalty for car parking infringements is a £30 fine which rises to £70 after two weeks. This year it was decided that a £70 fine is issued to anyone who loses an appeal.

In last week’s Bury Free Press, Katie Green told of her battle with the council after she was fined when her ticket flipped over in the wind.

This week she was told she would only have to pay a £30 fine and not the £70 for a failed appeal. She said the money collected from fines could be reinvested in getting sticky car parking labels installed in Bury’s car parks.

She said: “I think it is disgusting quite frankly.

“That is a huge amount of money to make from fining people. I think they should put the money back into the car parks to clear up the confusion over appeals. The council have said that the sticky tickets would cost a lot of money to install in the town’s car parks.

“I am sure £15,000 would buy a lot of rolls of tickets. “

A council spokesman said: “We already have a solution for car park users who wish to ensure their tickets don’t get disturbed. They are called Parkys, and they are little plastic holders, similar to tax disc holders, that can be stuck to the windscreen.

“They are available at a cost of 50p from council offices, the Tourist Information Centre and Bus Station.”