Council plans new rules over outdoor advertising in Bury St Edmunds

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West Suffolk House ENGANL00120130105142226
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Council bosses are considering new measures to clamp down on unathorised posters, signs and A-boards cluttering Bury St Edmunds town centre.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council plans to implement a system of enforcement so any outdoor advertising will need the authority’s consent.

Through the use of the Outdoor Advertisement Regulations 2007, those without consent will be asked to apply for it or remove their advertising.

If they refuse, the council can remove the signage and prosecute in the magistrates’ court when necessary.

There would be a review of the town with bosses contacting all businesses which are displaying signage against regulations.

Cllr Terry Clements, cabinet member for planning, said the approach would be ‘consistent and fair to all’ with the same rules applying to all businesses including charity shops.