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Council is urged to clear up two months of mess at Bury St Edmunds bus station

Bury St Edmunds bus station. Picture: Mecha Morton.
Bury St Edmunds bus station. Picture: Mecha Morton.

A council has been told it needs to prioritise cleaning at Bury St Edmunds bus station following reports of dirty floors, rotting rubbish and a broken window.

Last week, Cllr David Nettleton wrote to Davina Howes, head of families and communities at St Edmundsbury Borough Council, after noting that the mess at the station just off St Andrews Street North had been building up for over two months.

"The issue hasn't been picked up by officers and councillors because none of them use the buses," he said.

"But I first noticed it in June and I assumed they had a cleaning regime and someone would come out to fix it, but it's been two months now and they've not been anywhere near the place."

Cllr Nettleton added that he was worried about the effect the mess would have on tourists and people coming into town from other areas on the bus.

"The bins are overflowing, the floors are unswept, there are cigarette stubs everywhere and there's a broken window that's been patched up quite badly. What a welcome to Bury St Edmunds that is," he said.

A spokesman for St Edmundsbury Borough Council said: "The Bury St Edmunds bus station shelters are cleaned every quarter and contractors are due on site very shortly.

"In the meantime, a team is tackling the roof areas, for which more regular cleaning is being arranged.

"New litter bins have been ordered for the area and Waste Services have started the process of weed killing and removal, and picked up tobacco butts.

"As regards the broken window, there appears to be an ongoing problem with busses hitting the shelters.

"It has been replaced already in recent weeks and has recently been hit again.

"Another repair has been arranged."

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