Council caution over relief road

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SCEPTICAL Brandon town councillors have withheld their support for a relief road until they can get more detail on the scheme.

The town council discussed plans for a consortium of developers to build the road, with support from the Suffolk County Council, on Monday.

The council previously refused to back a piecemeal scheme that would have seen chunks of road built alongside new houses.

On Monday, chairman Reg Silverstre said he understood the proposals would now see the road ‘built in its entirety’.

But he still said he had concerns in case developers ‘caught an economic cold’ leaving the road part built.

The council also wants written confirmation of the county council’s commitment to the project.

Other councillors said a relief road could take 15-20 years to build.

“We need solutions now,” said Cllr Ian Horner.

Cllr Mark Skinner,who was against the project, said: “We are going to completely change the town and we haven’t got any cast iron guarantees.”

Resident Stuart Goodyear said the town had been ‘long neglected’ and called on the council to lobby for Government money.

“We cannot wait or expect builders or landowners to do Brandon any favours,” he said.

But Cllr Silvestre said the project was far down the Government’s list while the dualling of the A11, set for completion in two years, might relieve traffic in Brandon.