Council admits map blunders

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A COUNCIL has been left red-faced after a string of errors were found on new tourist maps that have cost taxpayers £10,000.

The 10 error-strewn ‘free-standing mapping signs’ have been put up by Forest Heath District Council in several spots around Brandon with the intention of helping visitors find their way around the town.

Despite a three-week consultation period and public display at the town council offices, residents immediately spotted glaring mistakes on the maps.

Brandon’s five Forest Heath councillors will meet on Wednesday to rectify the errors, which include:

 The Maltings residential area being named as a care home

 Brandon Leisure Centre being sited on the wrong side of the A1065

 The Tourist Information Centre being shown in the wrong place on the High Street

 Inaccurate directions to Bury St Edmunds

Bill Bishop, a Forest Heath and Suffolk county councillor for Brandon who lives in The Maltings, said the maps needed to be changed.

“They are nicely framed but there is no point having something like that if the information is inaccurate,” he said.

Tony Simmons, a Forest Heath and town councillor, said residents and councillors needed to be more involved in the consultation process to stop money being wasted.

“It is annoying that there was a consultation period for people to go and look at it and that no-one did.

“It is no good complaining after the event when everything is up and running,” he said.

David Bimson, Forest Heath councillor, said the errors had ‘slipped through the net’.

“We had the chance to see them and they were on display in the council offices but it’s one of those things.

“You could let it go with one or two mistakes, but there are some really glaring ones,” he said.

Forest Heath was unable to estimate how much amending the maps would cost.