Could you be a school crossing attendant?

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TWO Bury St Edmunds schools are still without a crossing patrol – despite a recruitment drive.

Suffolk County Council has advertised the posts for Glastonbury Road to serve Horringer Court Middle and Westgate Street for St Edmund’s Catholic Primary more than once, to no avail.

Now the Bury Free Press is urging members of the community to step forward and apply for the potentially life-saving roles.

Horringer Court Middle has been short of a lollipop attendant since Summer 2010 and senior staff took on the duties until last March.

Head Tania Johnson said: “It’s a long time that we’ve been without one. I have concerns over children’s safety and drivers. It’s a rat run through to the hospital and traffic does come around there at a speed. It would be an awful thing to live with if they hit a child.”

St Edmund’s Catholic Primary hasn’t had a patrol for more than a year.

Head Maria Kemble said: “It’s something parents regularly inquire about. They really valued our crossing patrol officer.”

The vacant posts would be funded by Bury Town Council, which set aside £17,500 to continue the service after Suffolk County Council decided not to fund it.

Cllr David Nettleton, town council vice-chairman, said the advertised wage of £6.38 an hour may be deterring applicants and suggested increasing it to £9.57 as well as enhancing pay to existing attendants in Bury.

The county council is continuing to fund the other patrols in Westley Road, Oliver Road and St Andrew’s Street South.

Attendant Bill Cammell, who has served Oliver Road for 17 years, said: “It’s an ideal job for someone who is retired.

“I do it because I like the work – it gets me up in the morning.

“I have contact with the children and it’s a worthwhile job.”

For further information call Mary Jarrett at the county council on 01473 265006.