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Coronavirus Log: The positives of living under lockdown with editor Barry Peters

In the midst of everything negative thanks to coronavirus, I've decided to look on the positives.

Initially, I struggled but then they started pinging at me one by one.

Win #1: Usually on a Sunday, there are six or seven shirts to iron, depending on how lazy I've been in the previous week. Now, a couple of tee-shirts, a hoodie and some pyjama bottoms. Folded, on coming out of the drier.

covid19 log (32680970)
covid19 log (32680970)

Win #2: Weekends normally peter out once a trip to Sainsbury or Tesco has numbed the mind - but no more. Everything is online now and I've made full use of the online shop and click and collect technology.

The highlight of last week was the very nice man at Tesco C&C bagging up everything in those bags for life - and I got to keep them all for free.

Win #3: Through necessity, Bedroom No3 has been turned into a gleaming little office space, with space (just) for two desks. Gone are the metal CD storage boxes filled with everything from 60s soul, through 80s New Romantics, 90s grunge and a few bits from the noughties before I streamed *everything* (they will come back into vogue, right, like vinyl?), the ironing board and the mountain of shoes and boots. However, BedroomNo2 is now rammed...

Win #4: I've always been a little bit, err, obsessive about cleanliness. I did have hand sanitiser before the UK's supply ran dry. So I'm looking forward to the day when lockdown ends and I shake hands once again with abandon, knowing everyone else now shares my level of weirdness.

Win #5: Climate. Given all the data churning out of computers with brains the size of the moon, surely even the likes of our Donald cannot argue against cleaning up gas guzzlers and filthy industry.

Of course, the USA is not alone but the data in this global lockdown shows how grubby we had become and how cleaner living will result in a cleaner planet for generations to come.

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