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Coronavirus log: Exercising at home isn't as bad as I always feared

Welcome to week seven. The lockdown has now lasted as long as a school summer holiday, a football transfer window or a six-episode miniseries.

By television drama standards seven weeks is a long time (although not by reality TV standards, I may add). We could have got through Bodyguard by now. Richard Madden foiled a suicide bomber in week one and completed one dramatic action sequence after another before causing a Westminster revolution by the time the series finished. I meanwhile, have been watching athletics and touring car repeats on YouTube and made it through about a quarter of my CD collection as Parliament goes through real life turmoil.

Working out at home...(For the sake of the future Bury Free Press readership, I went with a stock image rather than one of me!)
Working out at home...(For the sake of the future Bury Free Press readership, I went with a stock image rather than one of me!)

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We all had plans before lockdown. For me, it had been a goal to do something about my alarming (and sometimes painful) lack of flexibility. I joined a gym and had completed ten of the 40 yoga sessions I was hoping to get through by the end of the year. But lockdown took away my ability to do these things, and the only exercise that seemed possible was what brought on these problems in the first place: running.

Running has continued. I have been lucky enough to have avoided any lockdown injury, as trying to get an appointment for anything non-life threatening right now feels impossible, to put it mildly. We have also been blessed with some beautiful mornings - which makes getting out for my constitutional hour a joy, rather than a necessity.

But what I consider my real luck of the past couple of weeks is finding a daily yoga class. The one I am following is just half an hour long and contains moves that are easy enough even forme to follow. I’ve now completed ten of these in the past three weeks and back on track to hit that 40.

And as a lifelong avoider of exercise classes (I would walk by and wonder who would enjoy such activities) the idea of doing home workouts was not appealing. But, a discovery has been that home is actually the perfect place for a workout. Here I can put on music of my choice, not worry about being able to failing to complete a full set as nobody is watching me, and stretching breaks out from seconds to minutes (or weeks).

Lockdown highlight: Cinemas are closed, but films are still being released and last week I treated myself to the French drama Who You Think I Am which has been uploaded to the Curzon website. The film is about a woman who creates a fake Facebook profile to start a relationship with a man she desires - so maybe watching it on a laptop was appropriate.

Lowlight: Some advice to pass on is to always carry a book, or save some job you can do on your phone, for inevitable queueing outside supermarkets or pharmacies. I had a go at the BBC Football ‘How many Premier League Team of the Year players can you name?’ quiz while standing in line outside Boots. After ten minutes I had only managed 50 out of 163 and was reduced to making wild guesses like Chris Riggott and Ali Dia. There may be a reason why I’m not a sports reporter.

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