Cooking with pumpkin gives food for thought

Sybil Andrews Academy hosted a day of Halloween activities to draw attention to high levels of food waste

Students at Sybil Andrews Academy in Bury St Edmunds have been proving that pumpkins are not just for Hallowe’en in an attempt to tackle food waste.

The Year 7 students were given pumpkins to take home during half term and asked to produce a recipe from the leftover flesh, to be tasted by everyone on October 31.

Halloween themed ideas to reduce food waste with Karen Cannard and students at Sybil Andrews Academy''Pictured: Nicola Miller judging the baking''''PICTURE: Mecha Morton

Karen Cannard, school librarian, said: “The statistics around food waste at Hallowe’en are shocking and have surprised a lot of our students. The amount of wasted pumpkin that is thrown away is the equivalent of 32 million slices of pumpkin pie - as people see it as decoration and not food.

Dishes included pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones and pumpkin muffins.

Emily Wells, one of the students who took part in the day, said: “I love cooking so I really enjoyed this project.

“I was surprised that so much pumpkin was wasted so it was great to cook with it. I made pumpkin passion cupcakes and they tasted really nice.”

Halloween themed ideas to reduce food waste with Karen Cannard and students at 'Sybil Andrews Academy''Pictured: Pupils Asia Davies, Esme Orbell, Reece Ranson, Ethan Bradley and Ethan Stittle along with Simon Parker (Wast Strategy Office at West Suffolk Council)'''PICTURE: Mecha Morton

The students were also given the chance to take a ride on a smoothie bike and make Hallowe’en-themed smoothies while pedalling.

The school organised the day of activities in partnership with West Suffolk councils as part of Sainsbury’s Waste Less Save More campaign.

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