Construction consultancy Pick Everard in Bury St Edmunds to work with Havebury on improving social housing

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Construction consultancy Pick Everard in Bury St Edmunds has been appointed by Havebury Housing Partnership to help on its major improvement work for the next three years and could total £1.5m each year.

The first project to get underway includes roofline works for 200 properties and chimney removal for 50 properties.

Havebury has also applied for Eco funding for the external insulation of up to 100 properties estimated at £1m.

It is hoped this funding will be expanded to allow a three-year programme of work.

In addition, Pick Everard will examine several properties requiring structural evaluation, repair or conversion.

Pick Everard Director Paul Darlow said: “This is the first major framework contract we have held with Havebury Housing Partnership and we are delighted to have been selected for a major programme that will benefit social housing.

“We are looking forward to establishing an ongoing partnership which will help us to further expand in the social housing sector.”

Havebury’s Head of Assets, Matthew Dick commented: “Pick Everard gave us confidence in their ability to deliver the services we require for our capital improvement projects.

“They fully understood our requirements and offered the best balance of quality and cost.

“We are looking forward to working with the team in the coming years.”