Conservatives maintain control of Suffolk County Council

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The Conservatives are to maintain control of Suffolk County Council.

They won 39 seats out of the 75 available with gains by UKIP and Labour following yesterday’s elections.

The Greens netted two seats, Independents three, Labour have 12, Labour and Co-operatives three, the Liberal Democrats have seven and UKIP have nine.

The county-wide turnout was 30.99 per cent of the 565,906 residents registered to vote.

In 2009 the Conservatives secured 55 seats, the Liberal Democrats 11, Labour held four, the Greens had two with two Independents and one UKIP councillor.

Among the newly elected councillors was Sarah Stamp, who took the Hardwick division.

She said: “I feel absolutely delighted. I’m very relieved as it was very close.”

On the surge in support for UKIP, Cllr Stamp added: “I was surprised by how many UKIP voters we had. On the doorsteps we found that there was a core level of Conservative voters who didn’t turn out to vote because they’re unhappy with national issues.”

Conservative Cllr Colin Noble held his seat in Row Heath.

He admitted that it was a ‘good day for UKIP’ but described their increase in popularity as a ‘protest vote’.

Cllr Noble said: “When you have protest votes they come and they go. UKIP will claim it’s the start of something but I say it’s a mid term protest vote.”

Cllr Joanna Spicer, who held the Blackbourn division, said: “We’re very pleased the Conservatives have an overall majority - that’s an endorsement of the last eight years and particularly the last four difficult years.”

On the UKIP gains, she said: “It’s certainly extraordinary. Right across the country it would seem to be not just a protest vote against the Conservatives on European issues but also a growing number of people who don’t seem to recognise the traditional three main parties and are looking for something that’s different.”

UKIP’s Stephen Searle, who took Stowmarket South, said: “People are getting fed up of the normal three parties - we are an alternative.”

Green Cllr Mark Ereira-Guyer, who retained his seat in the Tower division, said ‘progressive politics had got a bit of a kicking’.

He added: “It’s a right wing moment. I’m going to continue to fight for progressive politics in West Suffolk.”

In West and Mid Suffolk the results so far are:


Mary Evans, Con, 1,579 (Elected); Tony Gearing, Ind, 323; Stuart Letten, UKIP, 1,077; Gary Stroud, Lab, 434


David Bradbury, Lib Dem, 121; Richard Braybrooke, Greens, 118; Chas Coles, UKIP, 892; James MacPherson, Lab, 247; Joanna Spicer, Cons, 1,565 (Elected)


Trevor Beckwith, Ind, 860 (Elected);Jonathan Hartley, Lab, 254; Mark Jones, UKIP, 307; Peter Thompson, Con, 674; Mark Valladares, Lib Dem, 68


Paul Hopfensperger, Ind, 737; David Hussell, UKIP, 495; Chris Lale, Lib Dem, 305; Sarah Stamp, Con, 799 (Elected); Shirley Stephenson, Lab, 325


Judy Broadway, Lib Dem, 399; Mark Ereira, Greens, 1,481 (Elected); Robert Everitt, Con, 1,227; Diane Hind, Lab, 895;Luke Levene, UKIP, 983; James Lumley, UKIP, 823; David Nettleton, Ind, 1,389 (Elected); Nicola Ridgeway, Lab, 840; Patsy Warby, Con, 1008


Bill Attwood, UKIP, 760; Terry Clements, Con, 1,306 (Elected); Jan Lavender, Lab, 320; Richie Tennant, Green, 239


Natasha Ereira-Guyer, Green, 173; Susan Glossop, Ind, 278; Beccy Hopfensperger, Con, 1,360 (Elected); Linda Redford, UKIP, 506; Brian Turnbull, Lab, 216


Tricia Aspinall, Green, 160;Tony Elliot, Lab, 236;Esther Jewson, Con, 678; Sam Streatfield, UKIP, 584;Julia Truelove, Lib Dem, 851 (Elected)


Jack Abbott, Lab and Co-op, 301;John Field, Lib Dem, 713 (Elected);David Penny, Green, 100;John Whitehead, Con, 577;Frank Whittle, UKIP, 537


Jessica Fleming, Con, 1086 (Elected);Di McGeever, Lab, 362;Ghed Paterson, Green, 365;David Payne, Lib Dem, 129;Christopher Streatfield, UKIP, 553


Nicholas Hardingham, Green, 368;Matthew Hicks, Con, 1293 (Elected);James Higgins, Lab, 249;Martin Redbond, Lib Dem, 149;Christopher Stockings, UKIP, 555


Kay Field, Lib Dems, 35;Roger Fouracre, UKIP, 571;Andrew Stringer, Green, 1536 (Elected);Kevin Welsby, Con, 596;Terry Wilson, Lab, 154


Gary Green, Con, 830 (Elected);Colin Lay, UKIP, 586;Duncan MacPherson, Lab, 458;Nigel Rozier, Green, 354;Brij Sharma, Lib Dem, 69


Linda Baxter, Green, 251;Suzanne Britton, Lab, 314;Keith Scarff, Lib Dem, 538;Stephen Searle, UKIP, 578 (Elected);Anne Whybrow, Con, 577


Alex Browne, Green, 309;Ryan Fiske, UKIP, 626;Anne Gath, Lib Dem, 111;James Grime, Lab, 271;Jane Storey, Con, 1190 (Elected)


Gillian Bush, UKIP, 647;Ella Copeland, Green, 229;Jeanie Kemp, Lab, 192;Penny Otton, Lib Dem, 722 (Elected);Sam Powell, Con, 684


Jenny Antill, Con, 1450 (Elected);Tony Bavington, Lab and Co-op, 217;Robert Lindsay, Green, 1128


Mick Cornish, Lab and Co-op, 176;Richard Kemp, Ind, 1387 (Elected); Graham Manning, Green, 146;Sarah Pugh, Con, 421;Dave Reynolds, UKIP, 478


Pamela Brown, Lab, 197; David Gathercole, Ind, 284; Elle Minshall, Lib Dem, 76; Colin Noble, Con, 1,104 (Elected); Ian Smith, UKIP, 881


David Chandler, UKIP, 884; Patrick Finn, Lab, 316; John Smith, Lib Dem, 181; James Waters, Con, 893 (Elected)


Tom Caple, Lab, 235; Stephen Edwards, Con, 593; Ian Horner, Lib Dem, 344; Reg Silvester, UKIP, 995 (Elected)


Lisa Chambers, Con, 968 (Elected); Tim Huggan, Lib Dem, 136; Chris Turner, Lab, 450; Dave Whitear, UKIP, 615;