Concert celebrates students’ musical promise

west suffolk schools music concert'School children are performing a concert at The Apex
west suffolk schools music concert'School children are performing a concert at The Apex
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SCHOOLCHILDREN from across Bury St Edmunds starred in a showcase of their schools’ musical achievements.

More than 300 students from six middle schools and three upper schools from across Bury St Edmunds performed in two concerts at The Apex last week.

Fran Hart, head of music at Westley Middle School said: “It was a celebration of all the school’s music.

“It was an opportunity to share and come together.”

Each school put on two performances each evening during a ten minute slot.

Some schools had two separate choirs while others prepared two different songs.

A variety of different genres were on display, including latin, jazz, classical, modern pop music and several musical numbers, including hits from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Mrs Hart said: “It’s a huge stage and a huge night and they really rose to the occasion, it was really good.

“For those children and parents involved it was a fantastic opportunity to share their singing and something they could feel very proud of you could tell the upper schools were the next level on which is good for the lower schools as they can see where they could be in a few years time.

“For parents to see their children on such a platform was quite emotional, it was lovely for them.”

The final performances of the evening were collaborative efforts, all the middle schools joined together to sing Believe by Lin March, while the upper schools got together and sang Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

This was followed by everyone involved, including the audience, giving a rousing rendition of Diana Ross’ Aint No Mountain High Enough.

Alex Baker, music teacher at St Louis Middle School, said: “One of our seniors turned around to me during the show and said that’s the best thing I have ever done.

“They really enjoyed the opportunity to sing and perform in a professional venue and were beaming for days afterwards.”

It was not just singers that took the stage several students accompanied performances on the piano, guitar or saxophone and two performances were accompanied by dance.

Mrs Baker said: “We prepared for a whole term – having an outcome at the end really gives the students something to work towards, It’s something they will remember all the way through their school career.”

Ofsted have said that the teaching of music is a concern at key stage three but Fran Hart said that there was no sign of that at the performances last Wednesday and Thursday.

The concert coincided with an exhibition of art work from primary, middle and upper schools across Bury also on display at The Apex.