Concern over work on historic hall

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PLANNING permission has been granted for the continued development of the controversial Lakenheath Hall site.

The contentious site has been labelled an eyesore by villagers after trees and a wall were removed and the grounds left in a mess after construction on the site was stopped.

At the annual parish meeting on Monday, Lakenheath parish councillor David Chandler said: “It’s like the Lakenheath equivilant to Dale Farm.

“The damage is done – how can we replace 200 years of history.”

Partly retrospective permission has now been given for 11 homes to be built on the site and the conversion of the hall into three dwellings.

At Monday’s meeting, residents expressed concerns that if the development was not closely scrutinised further damage could be caused to the site.

James Waters, leader of Forest heath Borough Council, said: “The long and short of it is that councillors are going to insist we take enforcement action.

“We will not hold back it has gone on too long.”