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Complaint about upkeep of cemetery

Angela Mizen at Bury St Edmunds cemetary (2524493)
Angela Mizen at Bury St Edmunds cemetary (2524493)

A woman from Bury St Edmunds has complained about the presentation and upkeep of Bury cemetery in King’s Road.

Angela Mizen, 70, who visits the cemetery regularly as her late husband and husband’s mother are buried there, said: “I’ve never seen it like this before. I used to walk through and think how lovely.”

Although there are signs at the cemetery stating that the landscape team are aware that the grass and other landscape areas are longer than they should be, St Edmundsbury council insist there have been no staffing cuts.

A council spokesperson said: “We’d like to assure visitors that there has been no change in staffing at Bury St Edmunds cemetery. In the conservation area of the cemetery, the grass and wild flowers are encouraged to grow and that area is just cut once a year once the wild flowers have set seed. In the non–conservation areas of the cemetery, we cut the lawns on a two to three-week period. Owing to the wet and warm spring, the grass has grown extremely vigorously and our staff are doing all that they can to keep it under control.”

The cemetery, which covers about nine hectares, is home to a a chapel and war memorial.

Mrs Mizen said: “Whilst pictures are regularly shown of well tended Bury In Bloom gardens surrounded by happy, smiling people, what about our overgrown, unkempt main cemetery, which seems to have suffered at the expense of attracting visitors to our town? What about taking care of our residents?”

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