Community spirit ‘absent’ in estate fall

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A WOMAN who rushed across two car parks to help an elderly lady after a fall has hit out at others in her community who stood by ‘inhumanly’ and did nothing.

“I was locking my car and for a split second I thought ‘it’s okay there’s loads of people around’ but no-one did anything, I couldn’t believe it – I was so shocked,” said Suzanne Mildinhall, who works for charity Workwise.

It was at about 4.30pm on Friday, when the 28-year-old pulled into Lawsons Place, on the Moreton Hall estate, on her way home from work.

She parked in the larger car park as the other one was full and had just got out of her car when a noise drew her attention to an elderly lady on the ground in the other car park, about 100 metres from her.

She had slipped on a kerb and fallen between two cars, one trying to exit the car park and another trying to enter, next to a queue of people waiting to draw money from the cash machine at Tesco Express.

The woman was embarrassed and had only grazed her hand but Mrs Mildinhall was concerned about whether she had banged her head or hurt her hip and ran to her aid.

She said: “If it had been my mum or grandmother I would hope there would be someone there to help her and check she was okay. I know people are nervous about intervening in a fight, but this was a little old lady who could’ve really hurt herself and it would have taken two minutes of their time to see if she was ok – I was gobsmacked.”