Coldest December in 120 years – but very dry

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WEATHER experts have said last month was the coldest December nationally in 120 years.

The average temperature in December was -0.6C, the lowest for a December since 1890.

At Wattisham, temperatures plunged to -10.6C on December 20 – the lowest since -11C was recorded in 1995.

The Met Office said the lowest temperature ever recorded during December there came in 1981 with -14C.

The average temperature for the month at Wattisham was - 0.32C, the coldest December on record at Wattisham, since records began in 1959.

It was a similar story at Broom’s Barn, at Higham, which recorded -10C on December 20, the coldest day of the month.

Air temperatures there averaged at -0.2 throughout the month.

The centre also recorded 25 frost days, 17 more than average for the month.

Despite the snow and ice, according to Bury St Edmunds weatherman Alan Messem, last month was one of the driest Decembers in years.

He recorded just 20mm of rain and snowfall over the month.

In Bury, the snowfall reached a depth of 4cm early in the month, while snowfall from December 15 reached just 2cm.