Clothes from Bury St Edmunds retailer are in Boycie’s top 10 must haves

John Challis at Trotter & Deane Bury St Edmunds
John Challis at Trotter & Deane Bury St Edmunds
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One of the nation’s favourite actors has endorsed Bury St Edmunds retailer Trotter & Deane by naming it among his top 10 must have items.

In an recent interview with the Sun newspaper, John Challis - most famous for his role as Boycie in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, and its spin-off The Green Green Grass - named his favourite Trotter & Deane outfit as one of the 10 things in life he really can not do without.

“It’s a great compliment to be highlighted in this way,” said John Deane-Bowers, founder of Trotter & Deane in Abbyeygate Street, Bury.

He added: “I don’t think Boycie would shop at Trotter & Deane, but John Challis is a man of integrity and taste and we are proud to have him as a customer.”

Trotter & Deane is an independent with its own, exclusive brand of clothing. It is currently looking to expand outside of Bury and plans to go live online in November.