Clampdown on illegal street use

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A WORKSHOP of businesses, police and council chiefs is to meet to decide how to clamp down on motorists illegally driving down St Andrew’s Street South in Bury St Edmunds.

Around one third of cars using the street are doing so illegally, St Edmundsbury Borough Council has said.

As well as private vehicles who should not be accessing the street at all, the council also wants to tackle delivery drivers coming in from the wrong entrance at Risbygate Street rather than Woolhall Street.

A survey on Monday found 184 vehicles illegally accessed the street – although that was down from when the council last did a survey in January, recording about 200 vehicles a day illegally using the road.

Under arrangements in place for more than 10 years, buses, taxi and bicycles are allowed in from both entrances to the road.

Delivery vehicles, private hire vehicles, vehicles accessing off street parking only accessible from St Andrew’s Street, and dial-a-ride vehicles are however only allowed to access the street from the Woolhall Street entrance.

A report to the Bury Area Working Party on Tuesday said: “Speed surveys have not suggested inappropriate speeds is a particular problem in this street, but the number and size of vehicles using it may intimidate pedestrians and create and unwanted perception of risk.”