Church seeking £20k for repairs

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A VILLAGE church struggling to pay for more than £20,000 of repairs has appealed to its parish to help raise the cash.

St Andrew’s Church, in Great Finborough, needs urgent repair work on its windows, stonework and graveyard.

The Rev Chris Childs said since the appeal began there had already been a healthy response by the public.

He said: “We have been very heartened by the reaction to the appeal.

“We have had excellent response from the parish council and the parish in general in support of the church. There have been money donations and offers of practical help.

“The church needed quite a lot of repairs in the basis of a stitch in time.

“Taking the work needed to the graveyard into account, in excess of £20,000 of repairs need to be done.

“The church is not going to close or fall down but there was a need to raise this considerable sum of money to get the church in shape.”

Every year the church faces a shortfall in income of around £4,000 – with outgoings of around £15,500 and an income of around £11,250.

The church has arranged events in the coming months to help raise much needed funds.

These include a Gift Day on October 6, a parish supper on October 20 and a Festival of Angels on the weekend beginning November 16.

And Mr Childs said support given to the church from the parish had already made a huge difference.

He said: “There is a shortfall in annual funds and people have pledged support on a regular basis and as a one off.

“But the finances of the church look as if they are already on a more healthy footing.”

To get involved and to find out how to help St Andrew’s contact Mr Childs on 01449 736 093 or