Church computer is stolen

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A church minister is praying someone will have a change of conscience and return a computer stolen during a Sunday service.

While the members of Christ Church, in Lawson Place, Moreton Hall, were at prayer on Sunday evening, a thief entered the building and stole a Hewlett Packard computer tower from the church office.

The Rev Jonathan Ford said: “It’s pretty mean. It is a sign of the times that people are facing real desperation and are reduced to taking something like this to raise ready cash.

“It’s our main admin computer that’s disappeared. Until I get all the office staff together, I’m not entirely sure what’s on it.”

The two-year-old computer is thought to have been stolen between 6.30pm and 8pm, though it was not missed for 12 hours.

Mr Ford said: “We’re doing repair work in the office, so things have been moved and I don’t think people realised it had gone until the following morning.”

Police are asking anyone who saw anything to contact Sgt David Hill, of Bury East-West Safer Neighbourhood Team, on 101.