Children’s voices heard at hospital

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CHILDREN have been given the chance to have their say on the care they received at West Suffolk Hospital through an innovative new project.

Children aged between four and 16 could answer questions and give feedback about their hospital stay as part of the pilot scheme which concludes this month.

Microphones, voice recorders and internet surveys could be used and younger children were asked to draw pictures or use faces to describe their experiences.

Questions included whether the children got bored during their visit and what the best and worst things about their stay were.

Identical twins Megan and Gracie Garwood, from Rougham, have been receiving treatment for leukaemia since 2009 and were asked to take part.

Through microphones and drawings they described their hospital activities, especially their one-to-one tuition, as the best part of their stay and being isolated when there is risk of infection as the worst part.

The trust received £2,000 funding from NHS East of England for children’s urgent care initiatives to allow the five-month scheme to take place.

The results will be presented at a national conference and used to shape the way young patients are surveyed in the future.