Chevington piper and friend take on big challenge to help new pupils

Pipers Ned Robertson and George Nickerson
Pipers Ned Robertson and George Nickerson
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Two school friends are hoping they will be a step closer to completing a charity bagpipe-playing challenge by the end of today.

Ned Robertson and his friend George Nickerson, both former pupils at Hampshire’s Winchester College, set off for Scotland earlier this week with the aim of playing the bagpipes - up six mountains.

The pair’s challenge - to climb six Munro mountains in three days and play their bagpipes at the top of each one - got underway yesterday and was set to continue this morning on Ben Cruachan.

They are raising money for the Argyll Piping Trust, a charity that funds pupils in learning to play the pipes, and have even composed their own tune for the occasion - a four-parted march called Munros Makyth Man, which is a play on their old school’s Manners Makyth Man motto.

Ned, a former Moreton Hall Prep School pupil, has been a member of the Glenmoriston Pipe Band for six years, and was taught how to play the pipes by Glenmoriston stalwart, Andrew Nimmon.

The 17-year-old, from Chevington, said: “I’ve had the chance to learn the pipes thanks to the Glenmoriston Band and Andrew’s tuition.

“Now I want to help other children have the same advantage.”

The Munros of Scotland are more than 3,000 feet high and present challenging conditions for hikers, with Ned and George’s climbs spanning more than 40km of hiking up the steep Argyll terrain in the southwest of Scotland.

Ned, who works for Milsom Catering at Hengrave Hall, said he was confident he was up to the task but knew it was going to be ‘quite a big ask’.

“I have been training by running around Chevington and cycling into Bury - it is going to be a lot of work, but I think I am fit enough,” he said.

The two pipers are aiming to raise £12,000, which would be enough to fund two years’ tuition for 30 pupils.

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