Chefs gain firm’s help on the Great British Menu

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CHEFS on the Great British Menu have been showing off their skills with the help of a firm in Rougham.

The finals of the BBC Two show have been taking place this week ahead of the winners presenting their dishes at an Olympic banquet.

But chefs throughout the show have been showing off their artistry thanks to Infusions Ltd, based on the Rougham Industrial Estate.

The family firm, set up by John and Louise Jackaman nine years ago, is the sole UK supplier for many imported ingredients and equipment used in molecular gastronomy – and has been supplying the show.

“Airbag, spherification and soil are not words not associated with cooking as we know it,” said says Jeremy Medley, consultant chef at Infusions,

“Molecular gastronomy is a label that conjures up mystery to all – laboratories, men in white coats and chemistry sets.

“It’s a misconception with these new techniques that it is chemical cooking.

“Some of these ingredients have been around years and are all natural products from vegetable bases, seaweeds and grains

“The possibilities are endless with what we have now and some of the chefs on the Great British Menu are really flying with what we supply.”

The company already supplies to East Anglia’s finest restaurants and hotels while its sister website business supplies to restaurants and hotels all over the world and was voted as one of the world’s 50 best food websites by The Independent.

Infusions plans to open a shop at its Rougham site in the near future, along with a development kitchen and fun room where they will run a programme of classes and demonstrations for chefs and enthusiastic ‘foodies’ to have a go at experimenting with techniques.