Charity show gets standing ovation

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A STANDING ovation was given to performers at a charity show that raised money to keep two sisters dancing.

The performance was a collaboration between Kimberley Ann’s Theatre School (KATS) and the Bunbury Players to raise money so that former KATS members Tiffany and Scarlett Sanders, 13 and six, can continue dance lessons.

The two sisters moved from Mildenhall to London after the sudden death of their mother Claudine Le Geyt earlier this year.

Claudine had told Kimberley Bullock of KATS of her joy at finding affordable classes when she first moved from London to Mildenhall and when Kimberley heard the sisters would be returning to the capital she decided she had to do something to keep them dancing.

A Night to Remember, a performance dedicated to Claudine Le Geyt, was held at the Jubilee Centre in Mildenhall on August 9.

Claudine’s mother Denise Le Geyt said: “It was lovely. It went very well and was quite an emotional evening.

“They raised about £600 which will be split three ways between the two girls and Cancer Research.”

Four of the dances performed were dedicated to Claudine who had spent a lot of time helping out with the group.

Tiffany and Scarlet had travelled to Mildenhall to perform in the show.

Denise said: “They were delighted because it meant they were seeing friends that they had not seen for a while - there was a lot of running around!”