Charity helps man realise dreams

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A DISABILITY charity helped to make a 24-year-old man’s dreams come true after he received a guided tour at Mercedes-Benz of Bury St Edmunds..

Car enthusiast Paul Huston, who has a passion for Mercedes-Benz, enjoyed a visit to the company’s showroom.

He got to look at the vehicles, learned about the history of the company, inspected an engine and was told about some of the controls in one car.

During a presentation, he received an array of gifts including a racing hat, T-shirt, pens and a model car.

Mr Huston, of Elseys Yard, off Risbygate Street, has cerebral palsy and receives care and support through Optua.

One of his key workers, Julian Coole, helped him to write a letter to Mercedes to request the visit.

Mr Coole also accompanied him on the trip.

He said: “He liked the sports car and would have loved to have gone in it.

“He was so excited when he was there and when he came back.

“He just loved it and was over the moon.”

Brenda Upson, supported housing manager for Elseys Yard, said: “He really enjoyed it.

“He likes to look at Mercedes books and has a bit of a passion for their cars.

“They showed him some of the cars and he went away with some nice gifts.”